Tourist destination recognized by the natural and historical heritage, the municipality of Mucugê, in the Chapada Diamantina, showed once again cultural potential.

Text: Toni Caldas

With the presence of about 300 people in Largo do Cruzeiro the third edition of the Arts Fair of Mucugê counted with the presence of tourists and inhabitants for exchanges of different products and services.

Artists and craftsmen of the city commerciated their work as organic products and traditional sweets, ornamental plants and various types of jewellery and are satisfied with the audience of all ages that prestigious the stalls.

The opening of the event at 16h featured popular pranks, storytelling and children's theater promoted by Lucas Mattos and Patrícia Bastos.

Then the project Som na Radiola with DJ Virgulinux played Brazilian songs that moved even more the audience.

At 17h the Sarau #TragaSuaArte project revealed local talents of all ages with copyright verses and canons. followed by the dance workshop with Ana Moraes and the presentation of capoeira of the group Corda Tightrope opened the night with brilliance, tradition and race.

The closing of the event at 20h was on account of the voice and guitar live with performances by artists Lucas Mattos and André Soares.

According to the organization of the event, the next edition already has a date scheduled for the next day 8 June. Entries must be made via e-mail:

In this edition of the Fair was inaugurated also the physical space of the Cultural collaborative producer of Chapada (Rua do Cruzeiro, N º 58), a project that digital training for young people and adults that supports the realization of the event. Learn more at:

Check out what happened:

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